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Our Story

We’re all doing whatever it takes to make it through another bustling, internet-fueled, bumper to bumper traffic each day. Each evening, each of us figues out how to bring the family together around the dinner table for a healthy, complete meal, despite…no, make that because of our frantic lives. However we manage it, what matters is this: we’re bringing our family together for dinner.

That’s why, here at BD&K Foods, we created Fixin’s, delicious, hot, fully prepared and ready-to-serve side dishes. They’re cooked with recipes passed down for generations in the Southern tradition. You’ll find them in your favorite grocery, right next to the grab-and-go rotisserie chickens. Take them home, open the bag, pour into a serving dish, and dinner is ready. Sit down with the kids, relax, eat, enjoy! Simple.

Fixin’s includes eight Southern favorites: field peas, collard greens, butter beans, sweet kernel corn, green beans, macaroni & cheese, okra, tomatoes, and smashed potatoes. Each side dish captures the traditional taste of true Southern cooking, the wholesome goodness that we grew up eating around our own family’s dinner tables.

Fixin’s is about more than what you eat. It’s also about how you eat. That’s why each Fixin’s package comes with a Fixin’s Fact, an important statement of the value of regular family meals. For example, children who regularly have dinner with their family have better vocabularies and are less likely to develop eating disorders, to smoke, drink, use drugs, or engage in violent behavior. We want dinner to bring families together in fellowship each day, to restore their bodies and nourish their bonds.

Fixin’s spreads the word about the importance of dinner together, provides a convenient way to put a wholesome meal on the table, and, most importantly, offers food so good that everyone will be glad they came to the table…as a family!